klaine challenge: favorite quote(s)

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“I saw two soulmates rediscovering each other.”

Kurt was my A N C H O R.

klainehiatuschallenge day 19 - favorite line kurt said to blaine

❝Relationships are about trust.



klaine + blaine being touchy-feely around his man

#okay can i please have blaine grabbing or smacking kurt’s butt next season#like come on#when they’re at home blaine probably constantly gives kurt some playful smacks on his butt#and kurt gasps or squeaks in surprise#and tries to give blaine one too#but blaine is too quick and always manages to come up behind kurt#and gives him another smack on the butt#or maybe blaine also likes pinching kurt’s butt#like when kurt’s wearing a really tight pair of jeans#and blaine just goes *pinchsqueezepinch*#and when kurt shoots him an annoyed look#blaine just grins like a schoolboy who’s just been caught doing something naughty#oh god what am i doing here - via colfhummel


The Story of Kurt & Blaine (2x06 - 5x01)



Blaine + fiddling with Kurt’s clothes when he’s hitting on him (⊙‿⊙✿)


Huh. I never noticed that detail. Nice.


prompt: soulmate AU where you know who your soulmate is when you kiss them for the first time. kurt and blaine both think they’re straight until a game of spin the bottle at a party.

written for the klainebingo prompt “spin the bottle”

"Hey, are you playing too?" Blaine asks, nudging Kurt’s hip, and Kurt finds himself nodding even though he finds the idea of the game silly - something popular and risqué that kids love to play because of the smallest chance of finding their soulmates.

But it’s so hard to say no to Blaine. He’s only been at McKinley for three months but he’s already one of Kurt’s closest friends, and it didn’t take him long to figure out that Kurt’s completely weak when it comes to Blaine’s big, earnest eyes and his bright smile, the way his face lights up when he sees Kurt.

They’re teased, sometimes, for how close they are, but Kurt’s not about to let some neanderthal bullies ruin how important Blaine’s friendship is to him.

And besides, Kurt’s never thought about boys that way. Not really. Not until Blaine, anyway, but he reassures himself that it’s totally normal teenage curiosity to imagine how soft Blaine’s lips would feel on his own.

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In a mediocre attempt to break my writer’s block, here’s Blaine as Kurt’s regular pizza delivery man and Kurt being a striptease (with appearances by Sam and Elliott) for Ann!

It might be a bad habit. It’s definitely an expensive habit. But it’s just so delicious, Kurt can’t bring himself to stop.

So what if he orders a pizza every Thursday night when his roommate has date night with his new-ish boyfriend (and often stays away the entire night)? He can afford it, kind of, not really. The best alternative would be to find a cheaper pizza place to order from, but the one he uses is locally owned, of top-notch quality, and the pizza is wood-fired.

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