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As actors our bodies are our instruments.

And my instrument is getting a little out of tune?

don’t they get together in the end?

what you have is real and worth fighting for


another 5x16 reaction because that ep just won’t leave me alone:

Kurt continues his Sunday morning workout routine and Blaine decides he should join in. Includes push-up kisses. ao3

Sunday morning comes quickly now that they’ve worked out their problems for the most part. Blaine slips out of bed early and stares at himself in the mirror that stands in the corner of Kurt’s room, turning to his side to see if anything has changed even though he only just started the crazy routine they’ve put themselves on a few days ago.

"You look hot," Kurt mumbles, pulling the blanket tighter around himself like he always does as he’s just waking up, as if he wants nothing more than to curl up and go on sleeping forever. "Come back to bed."

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This is the worthwhile fight. Love is a ruthless game, unless you play it good and right 

Then one day you’re gonna wake up and realize that ‘I don’t love him anymore.’